"The Estuary is the place I can feel what I believe in." -- D.L. (Individual Counseling Client and School of Healing Arts Student)

The empowerment group has been a cherished gift of friendship, encouragement, laughter, and most importantly....tremendous personal growth. It's thrilling to watch our group evolve as each of us gains momentum in living more fully from the Divine place within.     -- B.M. (Empowerment Group)


You have changed our lives for the better . . . we will never forget it.   -- B.G. (Couples Counseling Clients)

The Estuary is the best kept secret in Nashville.   -- T.F. (Referring Psychologist)


I had such a difficult time in my first counseling session. I felt weak for needing help. But through patience in sessions and tools learned in a group, I have turned negative thoughts around to finally have compassion for myself. It's nice to know I have a place to go that can help me continue grow as a person.   -- L.E. (Individual & Group Therapy)

When I started this process I thought I wanted to be cured. I realized what I really wanted was to feel whole. I found healing in this community.  -- C.F. (SSHA Auric Healing Program)

You are a gem in every sense of the word and can't thank you enough for what you give me.  -- J.L.

The insight, strength, beauty and courage of those in the relationship group have helped me improve my relationship with my partner which will have the added benefit of making my son's life that much better. I appreciate this group more than you'll ever know.   -- M.F. (Relationship Group)

We believe in the work that you bring to people in need!  -- J.I.

Your message is so beautiful, I'm reading it over and over.   -- J.W.

. . . whatever was ignited Friday night (in class) stayed with me. I felt calm and grounded, riding the small waves that came. So gratifying!  L.Y. (SSHA Auric Healing Program)

It was a wonderful experience for me.  -- J.C.

It is so easy to see and feel why The Estuary has become your home away from home.  -- A.S.